Company culture is intrinsically linked to the company’s identity. It also plays a critical role in helping the business run smoothly. With that said, company culture can often be used as an effective marketing and communication tool.

It just needs to be done right and this is where videos come in.

Using video clips to promote company culture can help make the enterprise more relatable. Seeing the kind of atmosphere that the internal environment of the business exudes also helps promote consumer goodwill.

Everybody loves seeing smiling faces, healthy relationships, and a fun working environment. Companies can use this to their advantage to improve their image and earn more credibility.

Why Publicize Company Culture Through Video?

There are a lot of reasons to publicize your company’s culture through the medium of video. Each comes with its own merit, but the most relevant would be the following:

  • Promotion
  • Increased exposure
  • Relating with customers
  • Brand building
  • Excellent recruitment material
  • Public engagement

Of course, the publishing of company culture videos could also be an excellent public relations tool. However, the number of ways that this can be taken is too extensive to get into right now.

The biggest point that’s worth mentioning with regards to this is that feel-good materials are often good tools after PR nightmares.



A well-shot, professionally edited company culture video is one of the most effective ways to promote, not just the company, but also its products or services. It’s just easier for shoppers to believe that they are making the right choice in supporting a producer of goods that aligns with their values.

It just so happens that a company culture video will inevitably involve talking about what the company is all about. How employees spend their time, what they work on, and how they relate to one another will play a major role in the creation of such clips.

Increased exposure

Aside from the obvious publicity that this would garner the company, videos that showcase your company’s culture would also increase its exposure. Depending on how well the video is made, it might even reach viewers who would never have known about the enterprise, otherwise.

This is a major part of many of today’s online marketing strategies. Using fun, engaging, and unique video content, companies can reach demographics that they might not even be targeting.

Relating with customers

As already noted, showing off a company’s culture via video clips humanizes these gigantic corporations. No longer are they faceless, featureless masses of capitalism. Suddenly, they become your neighbours, your friends, or just folks you meet in public.

These videos provide viewers with a glimpse into the inner workings of the company, even if it is from a superficial perspective. If the video is made well enough, though, this won’t even matter. It will allow viewers to feel like they know the people behind the products or services that they enjoy.

Brand building

Another aspect to the creation of company culture videos is building on the company’s brand. You can connect your products, services, operations, and business philosophy to the relevant public opinions that dominate the industry. 

Basically, companies can build their brand by aligning their efforts to social movements and popular public opinions. This allows businesses to appear environmentally responsible, socially aware, and politically astute. At the same time, the company can make it clear that they are conducting their business in an ethical manner.

Excellent recruitment material

By putting out a company culture video that showcases how much employees are enjoying working for it, the content becomes a powerful recruiting tool. Having real people give their opinions on what it’s like working for the company or showcasing warm, inviting workplaces is a highly potent marketing tactic.

Being able to enjoy their time at work is a major consideration for a lot of job seekers. More to the point, a lot of employees working for other companies are miserable where they are. They might even be convinced to make a career change and find more amenable employment opportunities.

Public engagement

Last but not least, a company culture video would be a great way to engage with the public on a more human level. That is to say, a company culture video can be a direct response to concerns or questions that customers might have about products or services.

It’s also a good opportunity for companies or their representatives to engage with uses on social media. This is done via comments, shares, likes, and bringing in more followers. More public engagement means more opportunities to attract customers and stimulates word of mouth.

How to Make Company Culture Videos

Company culture videos are not just about giving viewers a glimpse into the company’s inner workings. It’s also about connecting with people on an emotional level. So you have to be careful when making one.

Among the most pertinent points to remember are:

  • Blend theatricality with authenticity
  • Don’t paint a fantasy, but don’t be realistically abrasive
  • Don’t try to sell anything with the video
  • Use thematically appropriate colours
  • Insert brand logos and hues in the right places
  • Feature well-groomed and well-spoken representatives
  • Have it done professionally

A well-made company culture video will help boost the image of any enterprise. This is especially the case if the video reflects the values and philosophy that the company is already known for.

Where to Publicize Company Culture Videos

There are multiple platforms online that can host company culture videos. Fortunately, there’s really no need to choose only one. Your company’s official website would be an obvious choice here. The same goes for popular hosting platforms like YouTube and Twitch.


Social media networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many more would be worth considering, as well. However, it wouldn’t be good to divide attention too much by choosing too many platforms. A major part of ensuring that company culture videos are successful at reaching audiences is nurturing those platforms. 


A lot can be gained from making a good company culture video. It can be an excellent marketing tool, recruitment method, and PR material. A company culture video would also help make big enterprises seem more relatable and easy to support.