Why video is important for your business

With nearly 4 billion smartphone users around the world, video is one medium that allows you to communicate your entire brand story, introduce your products or services and engage your audience in a matter of seconds or minutes.

Finding the time and right expertise to benefit from video is a challenge most businesses face.

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Why Video is so important

understanding the need

Video is one of the most effective means of communicating with your audience.

People buy on emotions and stories. They love to feel involved and evoked by what they are watching and this in turn leads to sales. The most common reasons that brands use video marketing is for Brand awareness, Sales, Grow Social Media Community, and to educate customers

How we help you

However, the problem is that many businesses don’t know where to start with video and they often lack the time to do it.

So we have developed a managed video development product that solves this problem:

Our packages

Our Packages

The Odyssey Plans

Each Odyssey Package has a strategy behind all the videos we are creating



In the foundational phase, we look at the overview and the core messaging of the business so that we can establish who you are as a brand and create that initial emotional connection. What we deliver in this phase is a video business card, four videos for each of your main products or services and a client onboarding video.


Social Proof

The Social Proof phase is all about providing evidence of your work and the impact and success that you have had with your clients. We tailor all these videos to create trust in your work and services. What we deliver in this phase is four Customer Testimonial Videos and two clients Case Study Videos.



In this phase, we look to build credibility within your industry and position you as an expert in your profession. We want your clients and peers to respect you and be drawn to work with your business. What we deliver is four educational videos for social media, four how-to-videos and one long-form expert interview video.



The nurturing phase is focused upon looking after your current client base and network in order to remain top of mind and engage with those that are familiar with you and your business. This is created by taking a ‘behind the scenes look at your business to give clients an insight into the company culture.

Our video services for your buisness

Video Business Card Corporate Overview

The utilisation of video business cards has increased dramatically over the last few years. Being able to convey your company’s core drivers and operational style in a bite-sized clip is becoming increasingly important for business success in a time poor world.

Client Testimonials x 4

Client testimonials play a major role in the decision making process of future customers. We know consumers are more likely to trust eachother rather than trust marketing collateral and so by using client testimonials, we can add more weight to the decision making process.


We know you are experts in your industry, that’s how you’ve been able to start and run a successful business. Conveying that to future clients can be more difficult than first thought. By using expert interviews we are able to build on your industry authority while effectively communicating this to your current and future clients.

Client Portfolios

People buy on emotions and stories. How your website makes them feel will ultimately determine whether they will work with you or not. By creating tailored portfolios we can invoke those intended emotions while highlighting the great work you and your business do. 

Client Onboarding Videos

Client onboarding videos are a great asset to every business for a number of reasons. Firstly, video holds consumer’s attention for a longer period of time, making it easier for them to digest the information that is being shown and the key points you want them to take away from the process. 

Secondly it provides a much more personal touch rather than a standard email or text. We want your customers to feel like they are at the centre of everything we do and video has proven to be the solution to this goal.

Product/service videos

Consumers these days often want to “try before they buy” however with more and more things turning digital and moving online, that becomes increasingly harder to do. Videos are the best way to effectively show what exactly your product or service is, and what they as consumers can expect. From an all-angles view and demonstration of a product, to a detailed step-by-step walkthrough of a particular service you provide, video is much more effective than standard images or written descriptions in showcasing your products and services.

Educational Videos/Conceptual Overviews

Having the ability to explain a concept or educate people on a particular subject can be extremely difficult if you are not in a face-to-face situation. Video is the next best thing! 

Through video you are able to easily and effectively explain concepts and educational pieces to your target audience. It also gives the viewer an opportunity to pause and re-watch for further clarity.

Company Culture Videos

Culture can often be a hard thing to showcase to those who haven’t experienced it first-hand but is often an indication of whether someone will work for or with your company.

Company culture videos need to be created and handled with the utmost care to ensure the correct message and image is being portrayed of your company. After all, culture and reputation take years to build up and is something you should be proud to showcase.

Year in Review Video

A year in review video is exactly as it sounds, an overview of your company in the year we have filmed to give not only yourself a chance to take a look back at your successes for the year, but also give you clients and customers a chance to see all the things that have happened in just one year.


Whether your business sells specific products or services, a How-To video will enable your clients to understand exactly how they can get the most out of working with you. Having a clear and constructive video outlining a specific product or service will not only keep your customers happy but also save you time if you constantly need to follow up with them.


FAQs are an important part of every website and business. Using video can be helpful in not only answering questions, but also explaining in greater detail different aspects to that question. Rather than having pages of words that most people will avoid reading, video FAQs can pack much more content in an easily digestible way.

Personalised Client Videos

More and more consumers are looking for that personal touch with every interaction they have. Through video, we can create a personalised experience without taking much tme out from your day. A small effort on your behalf to create the video can have a massive impact on a client and their decision making process.

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