About Us


Here at Ithaka Media, we deal in compelling narratives. We take the materials and the brief that you give us, and we use these to craft an engaging, enriching, enlivening story within the finished product. Whether working with brands, organisations, or personal special moments, we adopt this same narrative-driven focus.


About Jeremy,
Ithaka Media’s founder and creative director

Where It All Began

“Coming from a background in film making, I believe in using the camera to help you connect with your clients and customers.

From a young age I have been obsessed with the art of film, and have continued to learn how it can be used to help businesses stand out online and market themselves.

Since 2018, I have been making this happen for our clients. We bring a creative approach to each and every project, helping us to achieve the results that bring our clients’ stories to life.”



Our Services

Corporate Services

Build your brand with sophistication and elegance. Nurture trust, credibility, authority — all the things that your audience are looking for in a brand. Choose Ithaka Media to make this happen for you.


Video Business Cards

Most professionals have a business card, but how many people have a video business card? A video business card is an overview of your professional profile in the form of a video, giving the chance to create an emotional connection with prospects, clients and colleagues. Get in touch with us today to learn more about video business cards and how best you can use them.

Induction and Safety

It is important that employees get up to speed with the values of your business and learn how you operate. Video can efficiently and effectively welcome new employees to your company as well as informing them of safety precautions. Contact us for a quote.



Are you in need of a videographer to film your event. We can provide video and audio coverage of your event and produce a highlight package so that you can look back on the day fondly. Whether it’s a seminar, birthday party or corporate event we’ve got you covered. 


When it comes to reaching clients and connecting with them, a promotional video is a tool that any business – big or small – can use to achieve that. We make videos to promote your business in a way that is personalised and visually interesting so that you can stand out from the others. Get in touch with us today to talk about how you can use video to promote you business. 

Our Five Phase Process


We need to know everything about you and what you’re trying to achieve. This means sitting down with the key people and learning about what makes them tick. Then, we identify the key goals and aims for your video, and build the foundation we need to turn your visions into a reality.


With the foundation set, we begin our plan of attack. We get started crafting the concepts and elements that will come together to create your narrative. Our team defines the creative aspects of this narrative, alongside the production methodology needed to truly bring the narrative to life.


This is where the project really begins to come together. We handle the shooting of the project, overseeing the production to ensure the success of the finished video. We apply our creative expertise and our creative skill to craft something that stands out from the crowd.

Post Production

In post-production, we seek to refine and hone the narrative of the project through editing, mixing, and visual enhancement. We also iron out the kinks to create a professional result that you are going to be proud of.


This is the unveiling of the finished version of your video. Please note, this is not the end of the project. This is just the point at which you can see how everything is coming together. You provide us with your feedback, and we carry out edits and alterations to bring us closer to the finished piece.

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