Why video is important for your business

With nearly 4 billion smartphone users around the world, video is one medium that allows you to communicate your entire brand story, introduce your products or services and engage your audience in a matter of seconds or minutes.

Finding the time and right expertise to benefit from video is a challenge most businesses face.

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Why Video is so important

understanding the need

Video is one of the most effective means of rapidly gaining prospect’s trust and attracting skilled talent.

If you are an IT or Cyber industry firm that is struggling with capturing market share in the current rush to invest in IT services and risk reduction then it will likely come down to two chief causes – it is taking you too long to establish the trust of prospective clients or that you cannot attract and retain the quality talent that you need.

How we help you

We work with firms like yours to differentiate you from competitors and to capture and communicate your unique brand story and service offering to not only clients but also the talent market.

We partner with IT and Cyber firms to solve this problem:

Our partnerships

Our Packages

The Odyssey Partnership

Each Odyssey Partnership has a strategy behind all the videos we are creating



In the foundational phase, we look at the overview and the core messaging of the business so that we can establish who you are as a brand and create that initial emotional connection.


Social Proof

The Social Proof phase is all about providing evidence of your work and the impact and success that you have had with your clients. We tailor all these videos to create trust in your work and services. 



In this phase, we look to build credibility within your industry and position you as an expert in your profession. We want your clients and peers to respect you and be drawn to work with your business. 



The nurturing phase is focused upon looking after your current client base and network in order to remain top of mind and engage with those that are familiar with you and your business.

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