The most important quality of a good promotional video:

Marketing is a much different game from what it used to be, and a huge part of marketing your business is not only capturing people’s attention but keeping it. Promotional videos are a great way of reaching current, new, and potential clients and letting them know who you are and what you’re about. Using creativity and visual elements, promotional videos are a fast, efficient, and appealing way of reaching customers.

So how do you go about creating a promotional video, and what are the most important elements? Check out this short guide on the three most important qualities, so you can produce or tweak the best video for your business.

It’s all about engagement

As the saying goes, content is king, and that is true for all mediums. Your video should get straight to the point and tell your audience upfront what they need to know. Creating a compelling promotional video isn’t easy, though, so the process should be well thought out. Consider your targets: What kind of audience are you reaching for? What would they want to know and see? What will be visually appealing? Keep the video length below three minutes; just like someone doesn’t want to read a 1,500-word blog post, they don’t want to watch a five-minute video telling them something that could be said in 90 seconds.

Make an emotional connection

An easy mistake to make in promotional videos is just talking about your business and what you do. But what’s the connection to your audience? You need to show that your brand is in line with your customers, and to do this, you should create an emotional connection. Know your audience inside and out, so that you are offering something that appeals to them. This also means capturing your brand in a meaningful way, so that you are more than just a business. People buy based on emotion, so a black-and-white ‘this is what we sell, please buy it’ promotion just won’t cut it. Inject some personality into your video, whether it’s funny, trendy, clever, or interesting.


Image and brand alignment

Not only should your production quality be of a high standard, but it should also be in line with your brand image. A charitable organisation might use animation in their video, while a travel and tourism company could use landscapes and drone shots of beaches, mountains, and forests. Making sure that your imagery and brand align with each other is the element that ties everything together in your video. This goes for the messaging, too. Use language appropriate to your brand and audience, so that you’re not talking down to them or alienating them with terminology they won’t understand. 

Keep these three factors in mind before creating your promotional video, and you will be on your way to a quality piece of content. It’s important to properly plan out any promotion before you roll it out, and if you need help with any brand strategy or marketing services, drop us a line to see what Ithaka Media can do for you.